Google Chrome Browser Launched

Posted on Sep 3 2008 - 2:32am by Richard Sharp

Google Launches Chrome BrowserUnless your middle name happens to be Microsoft there’s a positive case to be made for healthy competition. From a purely selfish consumer’s point of view competition means better products at better prices but enough with the lessons in basic market economy. The reason for that little diatribe is that Microsoft and Mozilla are set to face some pretty rigorous competition in the web browser market – and this time it’s from Google.

Browsers come and browsers go with the trend being heavily based towards the open source end of the spectrum but Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Firefox from Mozilla remain the two most popular of all browsers and with good reasons. IE is forced upon the majority of computer buyers while Firefox is arguably the faster and healthier choice (there’s something about open source that gives one a warm feeling inside).

Google Chrome is an open source browser developed, in case you haven’t spotted it yet, by Google. While Mozilla has officially stated that it will be great but won’t be competitive the fact that it’s produced by Google must be pretty concerning for the big boys of browsers. Apparently, the browser which launched today, will enable users to take advantage of the many features that Google now has to offer.

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