Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Bunsen 200th Birthday

Posted on Mar 31 2011 - 12:43am by Richard Sharp

Thursday 31st March 2011 is the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen, the scientist behind a vast array of scientific inventions including the Bunsen burner, a vital piece of equipment used in science laboratories across the globe today.

The Doodle focuses on the Bunsen burner with a bubbling concoction of liquids in a variety of beakers and test tubes. There is also something that looks a bit like a coffee pot, this actually commemorates the extensive work Bunsen performed on “Gasometric Methods.”

Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen, Robert Bunsen for short, probably reminds many of you of misspent hours in science labs at school where the mischievous set fire to many a splint while the inquisitive conducted viable and interesting experiments. The equipment was actually a joint invention with Bunsen’s lab assistant Peter Desaga as they needed controlled heat to conduct experiments.

[vsw id=”S2SSDtwKRCw” source=”youtube” width=”530″ height=”438″ autoplay=”no”]

Happy Birthday Robert Bunsen, your inventions and world famous burner will continue to provide new and important discoveries for centuries to come.

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