Google Games And Sony Videos

Posted on Aug 18 2010 - 1:00pm by Matt Jackson

Apps are absolutely everywhere, and Google is bringing an app store to Google Chrome that will include in-browser gaming. Showing off the potential of the new apps, they said that they would charge a 5% fee to developers for including their games in the app store that is set to launch in October. It could also be part of the reason why Google has been buying up social gaming companies and online gaming companies, although many believe that they’ve done this to help them launch a social networking site to rival the likes of Facebook.

Many users turn to sites like Facebook in order to play games because it offers a central location, a single account, and a simplified way of finding the games that interest them the most. The app store which will include some pretty big games straight from the off including Doom and Worms games, it is a bold move but could potentially help them gain a greater market share from their Google Chrom web explorer software which competes with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Gamers will be able to pay using Google Checkout online payment system and it will support free game trials, regular subscriptions, and discounts.

Meanwhile, in gaming, Sony has announced that the next incarnation of the PS3 will include streaming videos and ITV Player. This means that you will be able to watch BBC programs through the iPlayer feature and ITV programs, and you will also be able to stream videos from Mubi. There was no announcement regarding the alleged deal with Channel 4 to bring 4OD to the gaming system but that could also be just round the corner.

As with most things Sony, there will be a community side to the whole thing which will let users chat and enjoy Facebook integration and more.

Will you be watching free TV shows and streaming movies on your Sony?

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