Google Goggles Visual Image Search for iPhone

Posted on Oct 5 2010 - 9:35pm by Richard Sharp

Google announced its goggles app for Android last year with manufactures such as LG rolling it out on their smart phones, Google goggles uses photographs and built in cameras to perform searches depending what is found in the image.

Today Google has announced that its iPhone app has been updated to include Google Goggles, once the app is opened you will see a camera icon. Tapping on the icon launches the Goggles application to allow you to collect information just from an image.

The updated version started roll out earlier today with app stores all over the world being updated throughout the day. Google has warned to expect some teething problems with the app, they say developments will come thick and fast with constant updates to the app as and when they become available.

The iPhone app is currently only available in English and is supported on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, people with the 3G will not be able to use the new functions.

Google Goggles currently works really well with things like brand logos, books, DVD’s, landmarks and games. At the moment it can falter with things like food and more variable items like plants and nature, this is why Google has kept Goggles as a labs product for the time being.

We like the idea of Goggles but what do you think? Can you see this new product revolutionising the way people search?

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