Google Hoping to Get Self-Drive Cars Available in 5 Years

Posted on Mar 19 2015 - 10:19pm by Robert

Could self-driving cars be available to use within 5 years? That is certainly the hope of the head of Google’s self-drive project.

Chris Urmson was speaking at the recent Technology, Entertainment and Design event when he said that he wanted the first cars to be ready for when his 11 year old son grows up and starts to drive.

The plan is for Google to start testing its new prototype autonomous vehicles later on this year. Urmson hopes that the technology behind their self-drive cars will be on the road in the next 5 years; before his son is due to take his driving test.

Among the key points he made at the conference is the fact that some car manufacturers have decided to go with driver-assist functions for just now. The idea is that this should help to win over drivers and get them used to the technology if they are currently sceptical about trying out a fully automated vehicle.

No Steering Wheel or Controls


On the other hand, the Google prototype electric pod has no steering wheels or traditional driver controls in it. However, the early testing stage will see some controls added, so that the test drivers can take over if there are any problems.

Other reasons given by Google for rolling out these vehicles as soon as possible include the growing traffic jam issues and the fact that we are now using our cars more than ever before. Above all, it is believed that these autonomous cars could help to significantly lower the number of traffic accidents that happen.

Do you want your children to use self-driving cars?

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