Google Maps is the UK’s Most used Connected App

Posted on Jun 15 2011 - 4:05pm by Robert

If we were to ask you which was the most used connected app in the UK, what would be your answer? Many would say Facebook, Twitter or Google Mobile and whilst two out of three of those are in the top twenty neither get anyway near Google Maps.

Internet researchers, Comscore looked at the most used apps in May to determine the top twenty connected apps in the UK. They discovered that 6.4 million people used Google maps on their mobiles which is 2.8 million more users than Yahoo weather which came in second.

Both of these apps are integrated into various smartphone handsets including the iPhone 4 which uses Google Maps and Yahoo Weather. Google maps is also used on Android handsets which combined with Apple handsets goes someway to explain the impressive amount of users.

Facebook held its own with 3.5 million users, an impressive feat when you consider users have to install the app themselves. Similarly Google Mobile, YouTube and eBay claimed fourth, fifth and sixth spot respectively. Other notable inclusions where Sky which took four of the top twenty positions with their apps.

Sky news and the BBC news app also did well, the former ranking tenth with the BBC ranking in 14th. Other information apps included Shazam in position 12, Rightmove in position 17, IMDB (19th) and TuneIn Radio is position 20.

Twitter failed to break into the top twenty apps, possibly due to the sheer number of third party apps that people choose to use instead of the native app. For a full list visit the Guardian page.

Do you use any of the apps on the list?

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