Google Maps Stirs Up Border Dispute Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Posted on Nov 6 2010 - 11:37pm by Richard Sharp

We admit that Google maps is an awesome thing, we bet that everyone has used it in one way or another. That said like with most great things at some point there will be problems, this week it seems Google has caused quite a stir between Costa Rica and Nicaragua by showing a different border line than the actual one. This has caused the online community to doubt the accuracy of the borders on Google maps.

A Google representative said, “It’s inevitable that there will be occasional errors in that data, but when we find these errors, we work to update them as quickly as possible.”

The mistaken border

Unsurprisingly Nicaragua is pretty happy with the border mistake and has actually requested that Google doesn’t change their maps – after all it makes their country look bigger. However the guys from Costa Rica clearly want it put right, they believe the Google team has made a mistake.

Initially there was not a dispute on the maps but there certainly is one now.

How would you handle this political problem if you were Google?

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  1. Dav November 7, 2010 at 2:41 am - Reply

    I'd kindly but firmly stick to the normal border.

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