Google Moving In With NASA

Posted on Jun 8 2008 - 1:14am by Richard Sharp

GoogleGoogle has never been particularly shy in its monumental achievements and certainly isn’t afraid of splashing the cash to ensure that its workers have the most productive environment. Reports last year showed the offices that included bean bag meeting areas, fireman’s poles, and many more initiatives. However, they’ve taken it a step further this time.

Paying just less than $4m lease per year initially, Google has announced that it is leasing 1.2m sq ft of land from Nasa. The land will be used to build research and development labs as well as to house some of the thousands of new employees expected when they further expand the business.

Google currently employs approximately 20,000 people having significantly boosted their staff in recent years. The new site will also include a huge office block and it is likely that it will also incorporate housing, leisure, and possibly retail facilities for employees.

From NASA’s point of view it is seen as a positive move, not only because of the obvious injection of cash but because it will further improve their own credibility within the scientific and technology arena.

While the lease is for an initial period of 40 years, building is not expected to start for five years and will not be complete until some time after 2022. Fortunately, there should be the opportunity to extend the lease by 50 years once the initial period lapses.

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