Google rolls out “gaydar” feature

Posted on Sep 30 2011 - 12:26pm by Julius

Online search giant Google has created a new tool to find out if your favorite celebrities are straight, gay or bi-sexual.

The new feature, which only works in the United States and possibly other countries, uses advanced algorithms to search the web for data to answer any query. All you have to do is type in a question about a celebrity and the search engine will give you the answer. For example, you can type in “Is Hugh Jackman gay?” and the search will give you the result “Best guess for Hugh Jackman Sexual orientation is Straight.” If you click on the View Sources button below the result, it will redirect you to news sources that have previously reported about that celebrity’s sexuality.

Gossip site Gawker noted that the new Google feature seems to index celebrities who have talked about their sexual orientations at length, “either to come out of the closet or fight back the gay rumors.”

Also, a report by Tulsa Marketing Online said, “Perhaps it’s accurate, perhaps it’s something one of the developers put in as an easter egg that got discovered, perhaps it’ll be gone tomorrow. But for right now it’s yet another Google tool that can be used freely from your computer.”

An “easter egg” is an inside joke, feature or a hidden message put inside the code of a computer program, video game, web page or movie.

You might ask why Google would use its resources for things like these, but these might give some users answers to questions that bug them. After all, lots of people take show business very seriously.


via: Huffington Post

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