Google tablet to go against the Kindle Fire

Posted on Jan 10 2012 - 2:25am by Julius

Lots of Android tablets have been released, but none of them have come near the Apple iPad when it comes to controlling the market, and it seems that the biggest of them all is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which was developed by the company to barely look like an Android tablet. Now, search giant and Android maker Google may be working on its own tablet PC that will rival not Apple’s iPad, but Amazon’s tablet offering.

Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google, said in December that the company is planning to release a new tablet in six months that will mimic its Nexus brand of mobile phones. The Google chief said that it will be of “the highest quality,” hinting that it might rival the iPad, which is the best selling tablet in the world.

A new report from Taiwanese tech site Digitimes claim that Google is working on a super cheap tablet slated to rival the Kindle Fire. The report has cited leaks from supply chains, but it also noted that Google Taiwan has never heard of such a device.

PC World’s Daniel Ionescu breaks down the roads where Google’s “Nexus” tablet might be going.

“The tablet market represents a slightly different challenge for Google than the smartphone market, where Android has already won (in sales),” writes Ionescu. “Google can either pursue Apple’s model to produce high-end tablets, where the biggest profits are, or it could pursue the media tablet market, where Amazon is taking a loss on the hardware and hopes to profit from sales from its content ecosystem, including movies, music, books and apps.”

All these are all just rumors, but let’s wait until Eric Schmidt officially announces what the Google tablet is like.


via: Digitimes

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