Google to Delete Data Collected by Street View in 9 Months

Posted on Nov 20 2010 - 10:23pm by Richard Sharp

Google has agreed to remove all the data and personal details scraped via their Street View cars from UK homeowners Wi-Fi routers. For some unknown reason they have 9 months to do so, imagine what can be done with that loose data in 9 months – hmm.

The whole saga started some months ago when news broke that Google had been collecting personal data (accidentally) and decided to take their Street View cars temporarily out of commission. When they resumed Google stuck with plain old photography but admitted to previously collecting peoples passwords and emails addresses – this was deemed to be illegal and against UK data protection law and the case was referred to the ICO.

“We’d have had to find that there was substantial damage or distress to individuals from the collection of snippets of emails, URLs and passwords.” He said when speaking with the BBC.

“We’d have to meet that criteria for a penalty to be imposed.”

It seems that the UK won’t delve any deeper with their investigations but insist Google complies by deleting the data they have ‘mistakenly’ taken.

Do you think this action is fair?

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  1. andy November 20, 2010 at 10:56 pm - Reply

    Oh please man ,how stupid can some people get .I don't see anything wrong with what they have done and it should be left up there for all to see

    measures they have taken like blocking number plates and fuzzing out windows is enough

    there is always a few that spoil it for the entire country

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