Google to Take on the Post It Note Market Now

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 7:07pm by Richard Sharp

If you still scribble little messages for yourself on post it notes then it is time to get with the times and check out digital memos.

Digital memos are like electronic post it notes only without the dog hairs which always seem to get stuck on the adhesive strip at the back. The latest one to enter the market is called Keep and it is from Google.

What Keep allows you to do is write and organise your checklists, make voice notes and put annotations onto photos.

Too Late for an Impact?

keepSome analysts suggest that Google may have brought out their version of the digital memo too late, as there is stiff competition around the likes of Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote and Springpad. In fact, Evernote is the biggest player in the market with 15 users currently active.

Some of the details of Keep were given to us by Katherine Kuan, who is a software engineer at Google. In a blog post she said that we all “see, hear or think” things which it is important that we remember. She points out that Keep is a better and more reliable way of doing this than scribbling a sticky note and putting it on “the desk, the fridge or the relevant page of a magazine”.

She went on to say that you will be able to “quickly jot ideas down” as they come to you and add checklists and photos. The data you store is kept in Google Drive and once you have your Keep filled with notes and photos you can use the search facility to find what you are after.

The new software can be used over the internet or through an app for Android phones and tablets which use the version 4.0 or above. Will you be ditching the paper for Google notes?

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