Google TV announces its partnership with OnLive

Posted on Jan 13 2012 - 3:06am by Julius

Google has announced that its connected television program, the Google TV, will be supporting cloud-based gaming service OnLive.

The OnLive cloud gaming service enables users to play a huge selection of console-quality games on devices like tablets and PCs. Now, select Google TV devices like media streaming boxes, Blu-ray players and TVs will be able to play games via OnLive without having to use a gaming console.

“OnLive brings to Google TV users instant on-demand gameplay from a rapidly growing library of the latest high-performance console-class titles, as well exclusive social features such as worldwide massive spectating and Brag Clip videos with full group voice and text chat,” Google announced on Wednesday during the CES 2012 event. “The OnLive Viewer, enabling OnLive social features, is available immediately on all Google TV devices currently in the market and is compatible with standard Google TV remote controls as well as the OnLive Wireless Controller and standard USB game controllers.”

The full version of OnLive and the OnLive wireless controller will work on current and future offerings of Google TV. The OnLive desktop service, which was just announced recently, will also be available in the device. The desktop service delivers a seamless PC desktop, allowing sharing of videos and photos, business presentations and other media applications possible.

This move by both companies will finally offer consumers a better deal than other Internet TV platforms. With the integration of a powerful gaming machine to Google’s TV service, it will give it the edge it needs to stay ahead.


via: Time

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