Great Tips on How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Posted on Jul 6 2011 - 1:40pm by Paul

Even people who have high speed internet connections can often have problems with their internet running slowly. There are many reasons that user’s connections may run slow, and there are some helpful tips to solve the problem. Following are just a few of these tips.

1. Closing those programs that are constantly using internet bandwidth will help make the connection run faster. Some programs such as Skype, MSN and AIM use the internet constantly, connecting to chat servers, to get the user’s friends lists and other information. If some of these programs are open, and the internet is running slow; users should try shutting them down.

2. When people have a large number of tabs open at the same time, the internet connection will often run slowly. The reason the net will run slowly, is that most web pages refresh themselves every couple of minutes; and if there are a lot of them open, it slows down the connection. Closing some of these unnecessary pages will help.

3. Some email programs, when left open, can also be the cause of a slow internet connection. This is because they are constantly checking to see if the user has any new emails. You should always make sure to close down any email programs when they are not in use.

4. When there is more than one computer on the same network, it can often slow down the internet. One of the computers may be using a large portion of the available bandwidth which happens when users do such things as download large files, play games or watch online movies. You should always monitor how all people in the household are using their individual computers.

5. The registry of a computer is the database where users can adjust the settings of their computer. However, it can also be a reason for the internet running slowly. When people use their computers, the registry “tells” the computer how to access the internet as to what ports to use. However, the settings in the registry often become damaged which makes it hard for the computer to “read” them; and thus, the computer will take a long time to process anything. You can easily fix this problem with a registry cleaner that will scan the computers settings and repair any problems that are making the computer run slow.

6. Using a firewall can help your internet and computer run faster. This is because a firewall controls both incoming and outgoing traffic to your computer. The more programs that are making use of a computer’s bandwidth, the slower the connection are going to be.

Article written by Tre Wiseman from Broadband Expert where lots of different high speed internet plans can be compared.

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