Greenbird Forced To Cancel Its Wind Powered Land Speed Record Attempt

Posted on Sep 13 2008 - 12:29am by Richard Sharp

GreenBirdAn attempt to break the land speed record by a wind powered vehicle has been called off due to bad weather. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the winds that picked up with rain and collected water being the reason for the failed attempt by the Greenbird team. Lake LeFroy was set to be the venue for the event because the 500km stretch of lake is typically dry at this time of year.

Despite the usual dry surroundings, this year the area has been plagued by late rains that led to the attempt being cancelled. An even bigger problem for the wind powered vehicle was that the winds dropped to near non existence. The Greenbird team are said to be disappointed but that they haven’t failed to see the irony in the situation.

Attempts like this are partially undertaken to show that we can get around with depleting the world’s fossil fuels any more than is completely necessary but, as the team pointed out, its the effects of using fossil fuels that has led to their attempt being cancelled before it even began. They are now moving on to attempt to break a similar record but for ice yachting.

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