GreenCore 10200 – The Solar Air Con Unit

Posted on Aug 18 2008 - 2:20am by Richard Sharp

GreenCore 10200A solar powered air conditioning unit is one of those inventions that just sort of makes sense. After all, the times you need to turn the air con on are those times when the sun is beating down and a solar panel would be at its most productive. The problem, though, is that air conditioning does require a fair amount of energy in order to continue running.

GreenCore has created the 10200 solar hybrid air conditioning unit that relies on a combination of solar power cells and standard outlet mains power. The idea is that when it’s a sunny day, the unit can be recharged using the solar panel or, alternatively, it can be plugged into the wall at night when costs are lower. Realistically, in fact, it can be plugged into the wall at any time – the effect is still the same.

The single solar panel that is included with the GreenCore 10200 doesn’t generate enough green juice to run the entire unit but you can buy bumper packs of solar panels and with fifty or so (rough estimate) you can take your air conditioning to the next level of eco friendly happy goodness.

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