Grow Your Own At Work – The USB Greenhouse

Posted on Jul 19 2008 - 11:00pm by Richard Sharp

USB Green House - Careful What You GrowThe USB Greenhouse is a quite unique little gift that is the perfect gift for the special botanist in your life (you know who you are, right?). The egg shaped green house is not just the perfect size for a small plant to grow healthily and your computer doesn’t just act as a power source to give the plant ideal growing conditions, but it will even monitor its growth and conditions to ensure that you haven’t killed it and aren’t in the process of doing so – it’ll even tell you when it needs watering.

It includes a hydroponic soil variant and growth light as well as a removable tray and some marigold seeds to get you started. Next time you’re called to a meeting that you really don’t want to attend you could try using the excuse that your plant needs watering and even provide emailed evidence to back up your story. It might well get you fired and then you’d need a new home for your little plant, but because the USB greenhouse is compatible with any Windows 2000 or XP based computer it shouldn’t be too difficult to find another.

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