Grow your own Christmas tree kit

Posted on Nov 12 2008 - 11:00am by David Gray

christmas_tree.jpgNow that the festive season is now upon us what better present than a grow your own Christmas tree kit?

Whether you are looking to buy it for yourself, your friends or family, this Christmas treat would be a very interesting gift for anyone. It is real, it will grow, it will last you for some time and the kit itself is simple enough for even the worst gardeners in the world to use.

The grow your own Christmas tree kit comes with its own package of Norway spruce Christmas tree seeds, a terracotta plant pot 5 cm in diameter, one compost soil tablet and all you need to do is add water. What better way to enjoy next Christmas than seeing your own Christmas tree, nurtured and looked after throughout the year, adorning your front room with an array of fairy lights and presents underneath?

These Christmas kits are proving very popular as they are a little different, unique and personal to you, as we head towards the festive season. No more shopping for that elusive artificial tree, no more dragging those pines into the front room and no more hoovering up as and when you’re tree dies. Surely now is the time to get into the festive spirit?

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