Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

Posted on Aug 11 2008 - 3:24am by Richard Sharp

Guitar Hero Air Guitar RockerThis is the Rolls Royce in air guitar, borne undoubtedly through the incredible success of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. But you don’t need a PC or console for this one, because it comes with its own amp, belt buckle based sensor, and ten signature riffs that you can jam along with including classics like Smoke on the Water and Iron Man.

You clip the belt buckle on, flick the switch on the amp, choose your track and then start strumming the air strings of the the best air guitar you’ll ever own. The sensor in the belt buckle will register whenever you pluck a note around the buckle region and the result can be heard over the amp; although you can, should you wish, plug in external speaker for an even bigger noise.

In true rock style, the volume goes up to 11 and if that isn’t enough you can plug in your stereo speakers or even your home entertainment surround sound system if you really want to make friends and influence people. It’s available from IWOOT for an impressive £30 which is a lot cheaper than buying the full Rock Band set.

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