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Shopping for a new TV can be very exciting, especially with all the new technologies that can bring a cinema experience to your home. With almost three decades spent developing inspired products, Haier’s commitment to innovation and to their customers’ needs is second to none and brings you tomorrow’s TVs today.

Haier LED TVs

Haier UK offers a range of LED(Light Emitting Diode)  Back-lit Slim LCD TV’s. LED technology provides higher contrast brighter pictures thanks to the use of energy efficient LED lighting.

In addition to providing crystal-clear pictures, LED backlit technology also makes it possible to manufacture “ultra slim” televisions that are no more than a few millimetres thick. Sleek and elegant, they are ideal for wall mounting, saving you space, and fitting seamlessly into your interior.

Haier LED TVs all benefit from Haier’s “Mega Contrast” technology, where blacks are blacker and whites are whiter, giving a brighter and more natural picture definition.

Do you watch a lot of DVDs? No need to buy a DVD player when you buy a Haier LED TV: some of their models come with built-in DVD player, providing you with exceptional value for money.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Haier TVs are HD compatible. They bring you the future of the digital world thanks to their USB ports, enabling you to watch compatible, recorded video material stored on external USB devices, or to record your favourite programmes by simply connecting a USB memory stick or storage device directly to your TV. They come with 2 HDMI connections that allow you to watch content from DVD players, digital cameras, computers or any other device with HDMI compatibility.

Convenience and Ease of Use as Standard Features

Haier’s range of TVs also offers invaluable features such as Time-Shift Recording which allows you to pause live TV, or the ability to record what you are watching at the press of a button. They also come with an Electronic Programme Guide, allowing you to view forthcoming television programmes on your TV.

All Haier TVs come in a range of standard sizes to fit any room, with screens from 22-inch to 26-inch wide.

Environmentally friendly TVs

Haier LED TVs consume far less electricity than traditional flat screens and can be two or three times cheaper to run than a plasma TV. Their Eco Mode and Power Off button add to their green credentials and will help you save further on your electricity bills as you can power down your TV completely.


Haier TV sets don’t contain any harmful mercury, so by choosing a Haier TV, you are not only treating yourself to a high-quality TV, you are also helping the environment!

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