Hand warmers

Posted on Nov 30 2008 - 12:05pm by David Gray

handwarmers.jpgThis is one of those gizmos and gadgets which looks so simple on the surface that we all wonder why we never thought of it!

The hand warmers are available in a number of sizes to fit in trouser pockets, jackets and inside jacket pocket. To use the hand warmer all you do is click the small silver disc inside the pad and this will cause a chemical reaction which produces the heat. Within a matter of five seconds the pad will reach a temperature of 130°F and stay warm for around 45 minutes – all totally safe and instant!

You may well be thinking where would you use this, when would you use it and does it actually work – the answer to all these questions is very simple. The device is so small it can be placed out of sight and nobody will know you have it on you, so next time you’re watching a football game in the freezing cold, waiting for the kids to come out of school, walking down to the shops or perhaps doing work in your garden, simply slip the hand warmers into your pocket and hey presto, instant heat!

Once the heat pad has cooled down you can easily recharge it by placing it in boiling water for just a few moments. Simple, effective and a god send in the cold Winter time.

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