Handpresso Espresso Machine

Posted on Aug 8 2008 - 2:49am by Richard Sharp

Handpresso Portable Espresso MachineIf you’re into coffee, and I mean a serious caffeine addict and brew connoisseur, rather than somebody that partakes in the occasional tipple then the Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso machine is an excellent and potentially life saving device costing just £80 at IWOOT and using standard sized Espresso coffee pouches.

The convenient little device requires hand pumping, hot water, and your coffee pouch and that’s it. Once you’ve added the necessaries, which is an incredibly simple step, then you can pour your cup of Espresso and get drinking. It really is a good looking little gadget, too, even if it does look like a modern peace pipe or something from a really dodgy car boot sale.

Of course, the other advantage of the hand pumping, which is achievable by even the most feeble wristed of us all, is that you don’t need batteries, it doesn’t plug in, you’re not draining the world’s resources of soon to be depleted energy stocks, etc… and so on.

If you like your coffee fresh and you have a penchant for the Espresso flavour and kick then the Handpresso machine is great, and there is a forthcoming release of many accessories and related items to make the experience even more positive.

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