Hardcore Fun At The Park – The Giant Rollerball

Posted on Jul 13 2008 - 6:01pm by Richard Sharp

The Rollerball - Vomit In A Big Plastic BallIt may not be the cheapest toy you can buy your kids, or indeed yourself, but for £1,000 it’s difficult to see anything that you would be better spending your money on. The giant rollerball is actually a fairly serious piece of kit and we strongly urge you not to try it down any high gradient hills (certainly not unless you’re armed with a camcorder and are prepared to show off the footage anyway).

The durable rollerball contains two harnesses for double the fun or you can go really hardcore and seal the ball once you’ve added a bit of water (don’t fill it up to the brim – that wouldn’t be hardcore, that would be drowning). Once you’re strapped or sealed in, let gravity do the rest and propel you down the hill.

Do try to make sure that you’ve got a clear run because even if you see the tree with plenty of time to spare we’ll hazard a guess that there’s going to very little indeed you can do about it. The funny thing about inertia is that once you reach the foot of the hill you’re going to keep rolling too, so make sure there’s ample distance between hill and immovable object.

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    that is so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! iwantin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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