Heat-sensitive calendar reveals fun facts for the day

Posted on Feb 7 2012 - 2:55pm by Thomas Sharp

Every once in a while, innovations on usual things we have come. Though some are pretty pointless, some are pretty cool and become pretty successful. Now, we see a new and quirky calendar called the On This Day calendar.

As seen on UK-based online gadget shop Red5, this cool, new and awesome-looking heat sensitive wall calendar that gives you informative trivia every day.

The calendar sports a number of squares that represent each day. When one of the squares is rubbed by one’s finger, the black cover disappears to reveal a historical fact that happened on that day. Heat from the fingers reveals these and when a square cools off, what’s written fades away.

“The On This Day Calendar collates the awesome, the inspiring, and the game changers, and puts them all into small nuggets of information,” wrote the product description from Red5.co.uk. “For example 27th January in 1880 Thomas Edison patented the light bulb and from that point on candle sales plummeted! To reveal the fact of the day, simply press and hold the black diamond and the heat sensitive patch will disappear revealing the text (when it cools the black returns hiding the text once more).”

Aside from looking nice and bringing fun facts, the calendar also has room to write notes or reminders on the day itself.

The On This Day heat-sensitive calendar is suitable for all ages and comes in a protective card tube.


via: Red5.co.uk

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