Hitachi DZ-BD10H Records Direct To Blu Ray Disc Or Hard Drive

Posted on Jul 28 2008 - 10:04pm by Richard Sharp

Hitachi DZ-BD10H Blu Ray CamcorderDespite winning the war of the next generation DVD format, Blu Ray technology has really only limped into existence and if it wasn’t for the PS3 and, more recently, laptops and desktops including the ability to play (and very occasionally record) in the blu ray format it would barely have even registered as being a new technology. Things are finally starting to progress though with a number of new players either just having been released or, at the very least, bing released soon.

Hitachi has also announced the DZ BD10H Blu Ray camcorder that can record in full HD and directly to a choice of blu ray disc, SDHC card, or its 30GB hard drive. However, if you’re really looking to record extensive footage in the full 1920 x 1080 HD format then you may be a little disappointed because the hard drive will only handle about 4 hours of this at the best framerates (you can double that time by reducing the framerate).

The DZ BD10H is actually the updated replacement model for the DZ-BD9H and is substantially smaller than its predecessor, but this is the main reason behind the dip in hard drive size from 60GB to 30GB.

Because of the numerous recording options, though, you can transfer the footage on your hard drive directly to SDHC card or to a recordable blu ray disc. It’s certainly a step in the right direction for the Blu Ray format.

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