Hitachi XL500 External Hard Drive – 500GB Review

Posted on Jul 29 2010 - 3:57pm by Rob

Don’t be ashamed. Your problem is a common one and can be fairly easily treated. So, your photos / music /movies / games collection has got too big for your PC and you’ve got a CD here, a flash drive there and basically your cherished information is all over the place. What you need is to think about buying an external hard drive. A what? But aren’t they expensive and complicated and stuff like that? Not any more, my son, not any more. This Hitachi XL500 external hard drive will expand your storage space by 500 GB, which should be enough to store your files, unless you are a ‘heavy’ downloader.


What do you expect and want from the Hitachi XL500 External Hard Drive – 500GB unit? Unless my powers of clairvoyance have entirely deserted me I expect you want something small enough to be unobtrusive and robust enough not to worry about giving it the odd nudge. If you want the stats then it is black, sturdy and measures up at 185.42 x 134.62 x 50.8 mm (W x D x H). In short it will fit in a small space and looks good.

Notable Specifications

I guess that the most important point about any external hard drive is the amount of storage space it gives you. This one gives you a very healthy 500GB and is connected straight into your USB. It works with PCs and with Macs and comes with all the accessories you could reasonably expect. It is equally and if not quicker than most standard har drives which makes transfering and using files quick and carefree.



Gullible High Street shoppers will smilingly hand over 5 crisp tenners and wander off home in the biting wind, through dilapidated streets filled with Victorian style street urchins who will probably steal the hard drive off them in order to buy some jellied eels and flat caps. You, however, have chosen the internet route and will not only save yourself a tenner but will also avoid those troublesome urchins.


The HITACHI XL500 External Hard Drive – 500GB unit does everything you could want it to do, and with a good internet offer price that is enough for me.

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