HK designer builds a suit to save you from nuclear disaster

Posted on Jun 29 2011 - 2:37pm by Robert

One of the deadliest tragedies the world can face is nuclear disaster. With the recent Japanese nuclear catastrophe, the public’s awareness has been drastically increased. A young Hong Kong-based designer came up with a design that can be used as a shelter when a disaster happens.

Doomsday, created by designer Kacey Wong, is a survival suit that was made to protect you from radiation leaks. The robot-shaped suit is made of lead and is designed to be occupied by only one person. It serves as a mobile shelter than can be used as a bed. Doomsday also features solar panels to power devices that the user need during a radiation outbreak.

Wong also designed a number of mobile homes that include an office for homeless people and a floating house.

On his website, Wong said: “Natural and man-made disasters killed tens of thousands of people and many more lost their home, Hong Kong being much closer to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station than to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, maybe it is about time to reflect and address the potential risk and hazard produced by nuclear energy. Doomsday is an anti-nuclear radiation mobile living unit made of lead panels for one person, when lay flat on the ground the four solar panels could generate 15 volts of electricity for small electronic appliances.”

Is this robot-shaped suit be strong enough to reduce the risk of radiation poisoning? We sure hope so.

via: Dezeen

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