Holidaymakers and fancy cameras don’t mix

Posted on Jul 22 2010 - 7:45pm by Rob

An interesting survey around British holidaymakers gadget use tells us that 44% of British holidaymakers have missed great photo opportunities because they didn’t know how to operate their fancy camera. Another nice stat reveals that a clumsy 22% have either lost or broken their gadgets while on holiday.

More light heartedly (at least for those of you who like to laugh at other people’s physical defects) is that flabby snaps taken on foreign beaches have encouraged 58% of people that it was time to go on a diet. Meanwhile, the sight of a Mediterranean sun shining off a balding napper has perturbed around a quarter of men, who thought that their locks were still long and golden. Don’t stand up yet, stats fans, there is more. Over 40% of Brits have been left red faced and quite possibly flabbergasted by embarrassing holiday snaps which have turned up on photo sharing sites.

Those stats are courtesy of our friends at Meanwhile, in a survey carried out in my living room just now, 0% of gadget reviewers have admitted to taking bizzare, artistic photos of their feet while on holiday and 100% owned up to burying their mate’s phone in the sand one time in Mallorca, but it was a rubbish phone so that was ok.

What do all these statisics and lies tell us;

1) Work out how to use your camera before you stumble across Antonio Banderas in a Marbella fish and chip shop.

2) Buy a simple camera for taking on holiday. You’ll be drunk when you take most of the photos and then you´ll end up bashing it off an ice cream stall anyway.

3) Buy a mirror and work out if you need a diet / wig before splashing out on trunks and snorkelling equipment

4) Never go on holiday with a gadget reviewer.

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