Home Hydrogen Refuelling

Posted on Jul 10 2008 - 12:43pm by Richard Sharp

Hydrogen Fuelled Cars And Houses Coming Soon?Hydrogen fuel receives mixed opinions from scientists. While many believe it is the fuel of the future poised and ready to be developed so that it can power cars and home systems, others believe it is too expensive to convert into a usable power rendering it essentially useless. Whichever side of the line you fall on you might be interested to learn about the home hydrogen fuel station.

Realistically, the home refuelling system in its current iteration is unlikely to be used for refuelling a car. While the system is capable of generating enough gas over the space of an evening to propel a car for a distance of around 25 miles, it would need an ultra expensive hydrogen compressor pumping the price up by another £20,000.

However, IMT, the company that has created the home hydrogen refuelling system has created a Sheffield based show home. This home uses the refuelling centre to run various systems including air conditioning and heating.

IMT has claimed that the unit may be available later this year and also believes that the cost of the unit once under mass construction would not need to be more than £2,000.

Many potential users will be put off by the fact that the system requires the use of electricity in the electrolysis process. It uses vastly lower amounts of electricity but still carries a carbon footprint.

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