Horsey Gadget Transforms your Bike into a Horse

Posted on May 13 2011 - 6:37pm by Richard Sharp

If you like cycling and you like horses and ever wondered if you could combine the two safely we might have just found the gadget bike for you. Aptly named ‘Horsey’ the bicycle frame is transformed with a wooden outline that mimics the outline of a horse.

The designer describes Horsey as not only a transportation device but also a lovely pet, to be honest it’s my type of pet as it requires no feeding, walking and you can leave it at home unattended knowing that it won’t tear up the furniture or leave an unpleasant mess on the carpet.

The tagline ‘Feel the horse in the middle of the city’ actually made me laugh out loud but when you think about it makes a lot of sense as it’s probably much more practical than a real horse. The kit comes with a wooden ornament, metal fixings and screws which seem to compatible with almost any bike with a suitable frame – whether you actually want to make your bike look like a horse is another matter entirely.

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