How Many Vehicles Capture Google Street Maps Images?

Posted on Oct 17 2012 - 10:50pm by Robert

Even if you are a huge fan of Google Street Maps you have probably never stopped to wonder how they can bring such incredibly detailed images from all across the world.

Well, a chap at Google by the name of Masrur Odinaev has helped give us an insight into how they do it by posting a photo of part of the firm’s huge collection of vehicles. The picture lets us see a whole lot of Subaru Imprezas with cameras mounted on, as they wait for their next assignment.

Tricycles and Snowmobiles as Well?

This isn’t the full Google vehicle collection, though. There are other across the globe including hi tech tricycles, snowmobiles and even underwater exploration vehicles. If you have spent time looking at these maps on the internet then this might give you an idea of how much hard work goes into bringing us the information we use.

The person who took the photo guesses that there are around 250 cars going about their business across the globe. The Google Street Maps idea really started out in 2007, when they began to capture images of cities in the US. The area covered by these maps is now immense and you can choose to see the images in 3D as well as look them up on mobile devices now.

There are currently 48 countries which have been captured by the mobile Google cameras and that includes 23 in Europe. The USA is still the country with the biggest number of images and the current round of image capturing includes such exciting sounds places as Botswana, India and Colombia.

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