How Might Goal Line Technology Work

Posted on Nov 24 2009 - 11:19pm by Richard Sharp

There has been a lot of talk of football foul paly this week, this includes goal line technology. A huge number of football mathces have been ruined by a freak goal or by a disallowed goal. However, it is not for us to debate whether this technolgy is needed but only to show that it can be done.  So we have decided to take a look at proposed methods and gadgets that could be used to make goal line referees a reality.

The most accurate and most probable method of implementing goal line technology involves three main components: 1. A ball,  2. a signalling unit for the referee and 3. a goal equipped to sense when the ball crosses the line. Here is how each part would work:

1. The ball

Obviously the ball would have to be modified and Adidas have already come up with the answer. They have inserted multiple micro chips and sensors into a ball that can accurately identify where it is on the pitch when used with magnetic sensors strategically placed on the by line or goal line. They say that this will not affect the weight of the ball or how it moves through the air, it would be as if the footballers were using a standard football.

2. Referee signal

Obviously this sort of technology would be pretty useless if the referee had no way of using it, duh! Radio and audio links to the referee have been ruled out in the past so the unit would probably have to be sensory. Suggestions have included a wrist band with either a visual, audio or even vibrating alert when the ball has crossed the goal line.

3. The goal

This is the most important part of the whole scenario, it has to be accurateand foolproof. Thankfully the gadgets needed are very simple, the goal would need to be wired all the way around the frame. This would provide a magnetic field that would work with sensors when the ball crosses the line. The information would be sent to a central computer which would then be relayed to the referee. It is said that this type of system would be resistant to any weather conditions and wireless interference.

It has been rumoured that this type of technology will be trialed in the near future but whose to know? It is possible but does open a whole can of worms.

Instances where goal line technolgy could have been used:

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