HP G61-410SA Laptop Review

Posted on Jul 15 2010 - 1:39pm by Rob

Did you know the Great Pyramid was by far the first of the classical 7 Wonders of the Ancient World to be built and that it is the only one remaining? Are you aware that until the 19th century the self same Great Pyramid was the tallest man made construction in the world? Good grief, I hear you say, I was quite interested in the HP G61-410SA but now that he’s gone all Egypt crazy I wouldn’t mind hearing his opinion on the legacy of Ramses II. Well, I am sorry my Egyptology loving friends, I was only using the pyramid as a convoluted way of showing that it is the quality of the construction that counts and that a huge amount of blocks takes some shifting. Anyway on with the show and I’ll try and sneak in another Egypt factoid without anyone noticing later on.


Pretty much what you would expect, really. The high definition screen is a good size at 15.6 inches and the overall package speaks of a well built, nice to use laptop. No garish colours or strangely positioned sockets to spoil what we laptop reviewers would place straight in the bulging “how on earth I am going to say something novel about this laptop design?” file.

Notable Specifications

Memory wise we are looking at 3GB and 320GB hard drive. The processor is Intel® Celeron® Processor T3100. If you are looking for a solid laptop to work its socks off for you on the internet, games or word processing then the HP G61-410SA has all the necessary equipment to do its job, just like those soldiers in Napoleon’s army who shot the nose off the Sphinx.


Here we go again. Mr Internet is up to his old tricks, offering silly prices for quality goods. This excellent laptop used to cost you a monkey but now it’s on offer through those nice folks at PC World at a very nice little £399.


Good laptop+ all the functions most people look for=a great purchase.

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