HP Touchpad To Launch June 2011 According to CEO

Posted on Mar 16 2011 - 12:01am by Paul

The Apple iPad 2 might be taking up the limelight at the moment but don’t let that fool you, the tablet wars are still well and truly on but it seems HP isn’t quite ready to join the battle as they have put back the release date of their Touchpad tablet.

Hewlett Packard has made no bones about the release date and initially said it would be available in the UK in the ‘Summer’. However over the past few weeks snippets of information, including Amazon store listings, has suggested the HP Touchpad could go on sale as early as April. An exciting prospect and perhaps the perfect opportunity to gain some ground on Apple – but its not to be as a recent statement has moved the launch back further.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker explained: The TouchPad will come out in June and from that date onwards there will be wave after wave of technology coming out to support the webOS platform”. One shocking admission involved HP’s future tablets, he said that HP would consider developing another Windows slate if “…the right version of Windows” came along.

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Source: Precentral

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