HTC breaks record sales, now 88% up compared to June last year

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 12:03pm by Robert

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has recorded a massive increase in its mobile phone sales over the past year. For the month of June, the smartphone sales of HTC were 87.8 percent higher than June last year, which helped pause a decrease on its stock price, which had dropped 19 percent since early June. HTC’s increase in sales makes the company the fifth best handset maker in the world, just one place behind Apple.

A number of financial analysts thought that the growth of HTC will stop and would remain flat year on year. It looks like they’ve been wrong, but some have something to say about its slowed growth since HTC’s sales for May 2011 were 116 percent higher than May last year.

Much of the success of HTC are attributed to the company’s adoption of Google’s Android OS, which according to reports, owned a 36 percent share in the mobile operating system market. According to a report by Reuters, it has helped HTC to move into a position where the company is expected to ship 50 million mobile phones this financial year.

With devices like Desire and Sensation hitting the market, and reports of the company’s first tablet running the Android Honeycomb platform coming this autumn, we’re pretty confident that the company has a good future, but some say that they need to bring out new designs to the market.

Is HTC becoming one of the major players in the smartphone market?

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