HTC Desire,Desire HD and Z to Receive Gingerbread in June

Posted on Feb 27 2011 - 8:12pm by Matt Jackson

The HTC Incredible S was unveiled at MWC a couple of weeks ago and at the time HTC said the device would be upgraded to the latest Android Mobile OS, Gingerbread, very quickly. Many consumers and media alike held on to their excitement as the word ‘quickly’ in the mobile world doesn’t seem to mean the same as in the ‘real’ world. That said we now know the Incredible S will receive some Gingerbread flavoured love in June – so four months wait for owners but it seems other HTC handsets will also receive the new OS.

The original HTC Desire, Desire HD and Desire Z will also receive the update at the same time, whether individual carriers will roll out the update in unison remains to be seen. Two handsets that won’t have to wait for an update are the Desire S and Wildfire S – both of these phones will be launched with Gingerbread pre-loaded and ready to go.

The original Desire is almost a year old whilst the Desire HD and Z are only 6 months old so it’s good to see the update is designed to run on a series of phones – it certainly should keep owners of the models in question happy.

How would you define a ‘quick’ update, is the roll out speedy enough for you?


Via: EnGadget

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