HTC One Max Revealed Following Online Leak

Posted on Oct 24 2013 - 5:23pm by Paul

The new HTC phone with fingerprint scanner has just been announced. It is called the HTC One Max and it was revealed to the world earlier than planned because of the leaking of details online.

It is a bigger, phablet style version of the popular HTC One handset, is powered by Android and comes with a 5.9 inch screen.

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has outsold the HTC One has been given as one of the main reasons why the firm recently suffered its first ever quarterly loss. The July to September results came in with a £62 million loss while Samsung is expected to post a big profit for the same period.

The One Max announcement had an embargo placed on it but when this was broken the Taiwanese company decided to go ahead and make all of the details public.

Not the First Fingerprint Scanning Phone

htcThe aspect of the new phone which has attracted most attention so far is the fingerprint scanner. While the Apple iPhone 5S has this feature, the HTC One Max is the only current Android phone on sale in the UK to have this kind of scanner on it. The Motorola Atrix did offer this feature a couple of years ago but it was removed form later versions of the phone due to problems taking clear readings. There is also a phone with a scanner on sale in South Korea, which is produced by Pantech.

The fingerprint scanning option means that the owner can lock and unlock the screen as well as launch applications by using the finger designated for each function.

The One Max will be on sale later in October. Do you like the sound of it?

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