Humax Unveils New PVR 9300

Posted on Jul 25 2008 - 10:49pm by Richard Sharp

Humax PVR 9300Sky+ is an awesome service, even if they do have those really annoying adverts at the moment. You can record most episodes of Star Trek and CSI without having to keep taking the tape out and write over the label and you can even stop and rewind live television. But we don’t all have a Sky subscription, and for those of us without, freeview and a digital PVR is perfect.

Humax is a consist producer of great quality PVRs and their latest release, the PVR 9300 doesn’t look like it will let us down either. With 320GB of internal storage you’ll be able to record at least 200 Star Trek episodes (that’s 200 hours) and twin tuners mean you can watch one channel and record two others, or record one channel and watch another with full time dilating capabilities (except fast forward).

Two versions will be available, apparently from the beginning of next month – the 320GB model we mentioned will fetch £200 while one with marginally less than half the memory (that’s 150GB in case you’re wondering) will set you back around £150.

The Humax 9300 looks pretty impressive too with a honking great big display on the front so you’ll never be stuck when you need to know the time.

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