HydroToss App Brings Water Filled Hoop Tossing to the iPhone

Posted on May 25 2011 - 9:03pm by Richard Sharp

HydroToss – water filled iOS app of the day

Remember those retro water games where you had to squirt little rubber balls into curved shelves by pressing two buttons? Apparently these marvels from the 80s were called HydroToss which has been reinvented in app form with a brand new app with the same name.

HydroToss is a brand new app developed by a two man team from croatia, they told us they wanted to share their apps with the world and designed them to be simple to use whilst offering great visuals. I must admit, when I first downloaded the game it instantly brought back memories of the water filled plastic tanks that provided many hours of enjoyment before the gameboy was invented. Thankfully handheld gaming and retro toys are making more and more appearances on apps these days and Aircut Dev have done a stellar job in creating HydroToss.

[vsw id=”yEDQIf5WTrQ” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

The graphics are vibrant and sound effects offer an added depth to the original, the best part is you have multiple levels which solves another problem I had when growing up as I only had one HydroToss game. My favorite levels have to be the hoops, you have to fling the hoops through the water and guide them onto sticks – luck can be improved by tilting the device to alter how the hoop falls.

The app boasts original music, which can be turned off, and has already been given a free update which introduced new levels. The developers tell me that all future updates will be free. Get it now from the Apple App store.

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