Hyundai Phones Coming To The UK… Maybe

Posted on Sep 3 2008 - 2:45am by Richard Sharp

Yes They Really Do Make CamerasSick and tired of making cars, Hyundai has turned its attention to digital cameras. I’m not sure if it’s a particularly logical step but diversity is apparently the key to success in business so you can’t blame them for giving it a whirl can you? To be fair to them, and even bearing in mind that despite a proposed release date of next month in the UK and having no retailers on board yet, the cameras look pretty good.

There’s actually three cameras set for release and features include 10MP photography, a touchscreen waterproof display, and alloy wheels. Currently available in Germany the cameras really are set for release in October, and if any retailers are interested then the new Hyundai cameras could be a welcome addition to the scene although they’re not pumping out anything particularly extraordinary just yet.

As Cnet points out, this was pretty much it in terms of interesting digital camera stories at IFA because Photokina is just around the corner. You can certainly tell that we’re well and truly in the middle of festival season that happily coincides with gadget event season too. Head for an exhibition centre near you, crack out your sleeping bag, and see what’s coming up.

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