iBangle concept has attractions

Posted on Oct 22 2008 - 11:04pm by David Gray

ibangle_front.jpgWhile it may only be in concept form at the moment there is a rather interesting idea doing the rounds, known as the iBangle.  Maybe you are sick of the old clip on MP3 players? Tired of tangled headphone wires?  Well, the iBangle may just be what you are looking for…..

The iBangle is basically an iPod with a difference, it is completely encased in a neat modern day wristband which literally has everything.  It is light, it is very comfortable to wear and even has an air pocket device to ensure it fits perfectly around your wrist.  But how does it work?

The controls are dotted around the side of the iBangle, skip, volume, etc, easy to use and very conveniently placed.  Thankfully this concept design is being manufactured with wireless earbuds in place of the tiresome wired earphones which we see everywhere, ensuring you could not be more discrete if you tried!

Even though there is no launch date for this as yet it seems certain that it will hit the market at some stage, possibly as a joint venture with one of the MP3 player manufacturers.  It is different, it looks funky and there is already a massive market out there.  What are they waiting for?

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  1. Test monkey October 26, 2008 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    i like the idea …just hope it comes out on another OS (not a big iAnything fan)

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