Ice Age-style Angry Birds movie now under development

Posted on Jul 20 2011 - 12:22pm by Julius

Game developing company Rovio believes that there are enough storytelling opportunities in Angry Birds to turn it from a humble iPhone app to a movie franchise.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rovio’s Vice President of Franchise Development Ville Heijari said that we should “think along the lines of the Ice Age series of films.”

“How I see our whole brand, our whole Angry Birds franchise – I definitely see the film potential as a long-term commitment,” said Rovio’s VP. “Not just the one-off flick that happened, but to really flesh out the world, build the characters, make it really engaging.”

He said that the company is not trying to imitate anybody, but a film franchise is the right thing to do with Angry Birds.

“We really genuinely have a lot of storytelling opportunities there. It’s not all about birds slingshotting themselves! Ha! There’s a lot of stuff going around the characters.”

The company recently hired David Maisel, former chairman of Marvel Comics, as a special advisor to help with the first film project of the game. He added that the film’s development has started but is in its early stages. He also said that we should not expect an Angry Birds film release in Christmas 2012.

“If we started production today, the earliest date would be in 2014 – maybe,” he said. “When we’re talking about a full feature film, that’s really impossible to comment at the moment because that’s really in the planning stages.”

Angry Birds is not just a simple pig-bashing game, it’s a global brand that’s well-known by 250 million people worldwide.


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