iHat Review

Posted on Apr 6 2010 - 8:56am by Richard Sharp

ihatWe were opening the post last week and where happily surprised when we found a great new product to review. The iHat is a warm beanie hat with small speakers built in so you can listen to your music in comfort without the need for normal headphones.


The iHat looks like your usual stylish hat and it is designed to keep your head warm just like a normal hat. The gadgety bit comes inside the hat where they have installed two small speakers that fit snugly over each ear. The cable for the two speakers is sewn neatly so it comes from the back of the hat and can drop down into your bag or pocket where your mp3 player is located. This solves the age old problem of tangled wires.

ihat colours

Who is it for?

The iHat is a very versatile product who would benefit a lot of different people. It worked really well when running and would be suitable for most sports (obviously not swimming). It also worked really well on the tube and would be ideal for commuters or students on the way to school.

Sounds interesting but how is this different from wearing normal headphones?

The problem with normal headphones when combined with the standard hat is twofold. The first problem that many people encounter is the headphones don’t sit in the ear properly and become dislodged by the hat. This can be both uncomfortable and annoying, the last thing you need is to be fiddling around with your hat when you are going for a run or commuting to work looking like you have something in your hat that shouldn’t be there – you will probably get some strange looks.

The second problem is that headphone wires can easily become entangled around your ears or in the hat.
The iHat combats all of these problems and still remains very versatile, practical and stylish.

The iHat is available from the mobile fun website for the small price of £13.47.

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