In Space Nobody Can Hear You Scream At Your Antivirus

Posted on Aug 27 2008 - 3:14pm by Richard Sharp

International Space StationYou’re never safe from viruses no matter where you are and what you do and complacency is probably the biggest weapon in a hackers or malicious software author’s arsenal. Yet you would probably forgive the residents of the International Space Station for allowing a little complacency to creep into their own digital security efforts.

Whether complacency was to blame or not, the ISS has managed to contract a virus. The virus, Gammima.AG, is perhaps a little redundant on its current host machine because it lies in wait until you attempt to log on to online gaming websites and then it attempts to record the log on details and transmit them back to a host server.

Several laptops have been infected and while that means none of the astronauts will be able to play WorldOfWarcraft for a while, it shouldn’t hamper the nutritional data recording that the computers are used for.

The virus is not affecting operating systems are mission critical software and is said to be little more than a nuisance. As well as an unconfirmed formal written warning for using the IT infrastructure for non-operational pursuits, the ISS and NASA will now add a security system to the space station that will include anti-virus software.

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