Inflatable Incubator Wins James Dyson Award

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 9:50am by Richard Sharp

The prestigious James Dyson award for new inventions always gives us a chance to get a glimpse of some gadgets that could go on to change to the world.

This year’s winner could help to save the lives of some of the most vulnerable babies in the world. That’s because it is the prototype of an inflatable incubator for premature babies. The man behind it is called James Roberts and he is a graduate from Loughborough University.

The incubator is called Mom and it would cost a lot less to produce than traditional incubators. The device’s inventor says that he hopes that it could be used to help prematurely born babies in developing countries.

Roberts started to work on his design after seeing a Panorama documentary on the BBC about Syrian refugees. The programme had a part about how so many premature babies die in refugee camps because of – among other things – the lack of incubators. So he started working on a way to solve the problem.

Flat Pack Delivery


Mom can be delivered as a flat pack and then be assembled in the destination. As far as the electronic elements go, they are controlled by an Arduino computer. The computer keeps the temperature stable, looks after the humidification and runs the lamp used to treat jaundice. It can run off a car battery for over 24 hours when no mains electricity is available.

His prize for winning the James Dyson award is £30,000 and he said that this money would mean that he could carry on working on the inflatable incubator. He has a 2017 release date pencilled in for it.

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