Intelligent Solar Powered Street Lights

Posted on Aug 4 2008 - 3:59pm by Richard Sharp

Solar Tree Street LightsWelsh inventor Ross Lovegrove recently created the solar street lamp that resembled a kid’s cartoon of a tree and several of them were unveiled in Vienna where they apparently went down a real hit. As a result, Ross is now working on an updated version of the solar street lights that will this time include several intelligent and adaptive features that should improve their use, prevent them from being damaged and, frankly, scare the crap out of people.

The branches of the tree will follow the sun, avoiding shadows, and resting in the brightest area they can in order to increase the amount of solar energy they are able to harness. They will also bunch up when it’s windy, making them less of a health risk in high winds, and they will then return to their full branched glory at night when they’re needed to do something quite radical like provide light.

Perhaps even more bizarrely, it is also the vision of Lovegrove to include air purification into the street lights so that they effectively purify the air around them in much the same way as a real tree does. Awesome idea, but I’m not sure how much of their annual budget local councils will pour into buying a set of these.

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