Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System Review

Posted on Dec 7 2009 - 12:46pm by Richard Sharp

It is difficult to buy a gadget that does not have built-in Bluetooth connectivity these days. Modern games consoles use it to connect their controllers wirelessly, mobile phones can share data and play games over a Bluetooth connection and PCs can interact with a wide variety of peripherals via Bluetooth. Given that most portable devices, including mobile phones, can now play back music via Bluetooth, it makes sense that you would want to use this talent for more than just your own personal enjoyment via a Bluetooth headset. As such the Intempo Bluetooth speaker system is a great value way to share your music with the world and most importantly of all it can do this without the need for messy wires snaking their way all over the place and getting easily lost.

intemposideviewThe Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System borrows its looks from a number of more expensive iPod docks that have gone before it. It is slightly curved and features a black speaker cover with a chrome bezel surrounding the edge on the front. The rear is black plastic and the whole thing is made up of smooth surfaces, curves and bulges. The only sign that this is a wireless device is the little antennae that juts out from the top left hand side. This spoils the otherwise clean lines of the speakers, but it’s a sacrifice Intempo have had to make in order to provide the best Bluetooth range possible and most will not consider it to be a particular problem.

All of the controls and inputs are found on the right hand edge of the speaker system, though the only options you have are a volume wheel and on/off switch, a 3.5mm line in and an AC power port. The silver bezel bears the Intempo name and the Bluetooth logo is proudly displayed, but otherwise it is a fairly subtle and modern-looking device.



In the Box
The Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System comes with just two items, aside from the documentation to help you get started; a power adaptor and a 3.5mm connector cable for any non-Bluetooth devices to use. This keeps things nice and simple, but as the inclusion of the power adaptor suggests, this is not in itself a portable device. It is designed for static use around the house rather than as a portable Bluetooth Speaker System. However, it is nice that the speakers are also compatible with mp3 players which require a wired connection.

Bluetooth Playback
Once you turn on the Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System it will automatically broadcast a Bluetooth signal that any compatible device will be able to detect. If you are playing back music from a mobile phone you will need to turn on the device’s own Bluetooth connectivity first. Then you need to go into the list of the music files stored on the phone, select the song of your choice and enter the options menu. Here you will need to choose playback over Bluetooth, though you will need to refer to the guidelines stipulated in the handbook of your own mobile phone for more detailed information. In most cases your phone will then scan for other Bluetooth devices and detect the Intempo speakers, allowing for playback.

Intempo say that the Bluetooth Speaker System has a range of 10m, so you could be quite a distance away from the speakers and still enjoy wireless music playback. In practice this means that you can place your phone anywhere within the same room and maintain the Bluetooth connection to the speakers. Moving into other rooms or placing things in between the two may reduce the range. However, for most situations this 10m limit will be more than enough.

Sound Quality
intempobluetoothspeakersThe Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System has a 10 watt rating, which means that whilst it does not produce the loudest sound in the world it will be adequate for use in a living room as an alternative to a CD player or mp3 dock. The bass levels are also acceptable considering the price and capabilities of this handset, though it is clear that this is not designed to please those overly concerned with high fidelity or wide frequencies.

The Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System is an incredibly convenient way to unlock the music that is stored on your phone. Sometimes Bluetooth headsets just do not cut the mustard and you want to play something out loud, which is where this gadget comes in and performs admirably. If you are sick of having to dive into a draw and pull out a wire every time you want to listen to music then this elegant, modern solution provided by Intempo will be a godsend. As long as you are not expecting ear-splitting volume or gut-shaking bass then you will be more than happy with what is on offer here. Available from mobile fun.

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