IOMEGA Prestige Portable Hard Drive Review

Posted on Jul 12 2010 - 1:35pm by Rob

Questions which have been keeping me awake at night (part 1). Did a 70s or 80s cartoon series about a condor and Peruvian / Mexican boy really appear on our screens once or did I dream it? What was the answer to that annoying riddle about crossing the river with a chicken, a fox and some food? Were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon such a big deal or was it simply a fancy basket arrangement? Where will I put those 320 GB of files I need to transport? Unless a veteran BBC worker, experienced farmyard animal transporter or Middle East archaeologist phones me in the next couple of hours it looks like I am only going to be able to answer one of those questions today.


If you buy a portable hard drive you want it to be strong and durable yet light enough to be able to carry it around with you. The tough aluminium shell and anti drop technology mean that the IOMEGA Prestige should handle a bit of rough and tumble, while it is also a nice weight for moving around.

Notable Specifications

You can store up to 320 GB, which is the most important point here. It comes with a USB 2.0 cable and is cunningly designed so as not to need an external power supply.


You mum told you not to accept sweets off strange men but she didn’t warn you off buying bargains on the internet. 40 pounds will be the price if you track down the latest internet offer at PC World.


If you want a portable hard drive (and if you are reading this review you either do want one or you harbour the faint hope of finding out some snippet about that cartoon) then the IOMEGA Prestige portable hard drive is a top notch choice at a good price.

By the way, it was called Cities of Gold and hearing the haunting theme music again transported me immediately back in time.

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