Ion’s Piano Apprentice can teach you how to play the piano

Posted on Jul 29 2011 - 12:46pm by Julius

Here’s one for those who whine that “the iPad doesn’t have a proper keyboard app” or “the Pianist app works wonders but it isn’t enough for me.” Ion Audio’s Piano Apprentice is an external keyboard that can be used with your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, only instead of having QWERTY, it has CDEFGAB and all the sharps in between.

Ion Audio’s Piano Apprentice is a keyboard add-on for your iOS device that features 25 keys to teach you how to play the piano. Via its free iOS app, users are instructed by “The Piano Guy,” Scott Houston, famous for the PBS series. The hands of Houston appear on the docked iPad directly above this mini keyboard to instruct users where to place their fingers, while the keys light up as the music plays. Although the keyboard is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, the larger display of the iPad would be more preferable.

According to Ion Audio, other modes of the keyboard “will teach aspiring pianists how to read sheet music or allow them to simply play the piano at any octave they choose.”

The keyboard itself is touch sensitive, responding to the hard or soft playing of the user for more musical expression. The Piano Apprentice is lightweight, can be powered by batteries, and has speakers for playing and learning anywhere. It also has a headphone jack for silent playing anytime.

For those who want to learn how to play the piano but don’t have one at home, will find the Piano Apprentice a better and cheaper solution.


via: Engadget

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