iOS 4.3 Goldmaster Prepped in Readiness for Apple iPad 2?

Posted on Feb 27 2011 - 5:51pm by Richard Sharp

With all the hype surrounding the Apple iPad 2’s hardware specs many media outlets have failed to think about what iOS will actually come loaded on the second gen tablet.

The Beta version of iOS 4.3 has been in the hands of developers for over a month now and news has leaked that the final version or ‘Goldmaster’ is now complete and ready to rock making it the hot favourite for the iPad 2. So what do we know about iOS 4.3?

One of the most interesting and yet seemingly simple additions is rumoured to be personal Wi-Fi hotspots which could allow iPad 2 owners to either use their iPhone for Wi-Fi or possibly turn their iPad into a Wi-Fi hotspot itself. It’s not known which or indeed if any UK suppliers will actually allow this, after all they may a tonne of money charging people for the privilege of tethering their iPhone’s at the moment.

Another addition will be Apple’s Social Networking venture ‘find my friends’ which whilst sounding a little stalkerish it’s actually Apple’s attempt to take on the likes of Four square, loopt, Gowalla and all the other location based social networks. The key with this addition will be whether people actually use it and whether it will just be Apple based ‘walled garden’ service which let’s face it will probably be the case – Great if your mates have an iPhone but not if they are using another brand.

Apple is expected to loosen its grip on Airplay by allowing third party services to utilize the technology much like Microsoft plans to launch a Kinect Windows SDK later this year. Apple has confirmed that the original iPhone and 3G will not be getting iOS 4.3, they didn’t list a reason but we think you can put two and two together here.

One final rumour that will possibly encompass the ‘find my friend’ feature is that MobileMe has been revamped and will be included for free on iOS 4.3. One disappointing piece of news is that the iPad 2 is unlikely to feature an SD slot or a higher resolution screen, Engadget, who are well versed on all things tech, has withdrawn previous claims based upon new evidence.

So three days to go and will finally learn what the iPad 2 will look like and perhaps what iOS 4.3 will bring to the second gen tablet and current iPhone’s.

What would you like to see on iOS 4.3?

Via: Cnet

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  1. David Wojtowicz February 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    This is very plain but I would like to see support for the Bluetooth wireless Apple Magic Mouse .. Without jail breaking the damn thing. They tout so much about use of the wireless KEYBOARD with iPad … but it like a bird with a broken wing …. WITHOUT A MOUSE. Come'on Apple ! Complete the cycle and give the iPad some full utility … be it a tablet or a functional note/net book. The entire planet has keyboard/mouse skills that are strangled by not having this feature set in such a 'magical' device.

    • Mitchell Parton February 28, 2011 at 5:30 pm - Reply

      I understand that you may be accustomed to the mouse, but on a tablet it is not necessary. If you are so serious about using a mouse, get a different computer. The iPad is a touch device, and a mouse would ruin this concept of a mouse-less computer.

  2. jonathan February 27, 2011 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    How about SMS Delivery reports? What's the matter with Apple? Customers have been waiting for Apple to turn on this simple function. Why won't they listen?

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